Managing Managers Podcast (Episode 16): Management as a true calling


In September 2023 Pat Kua interviewed me for the 16th episode of The Managing Managers Podcast. The podcast was released in March 2024.

We covered a variety of topics in the 45 minute episode, ranging from my career path to date, the growth of International at Squarespace, what I mean when I refer to management as a career calling (and why I suck at guitar), how I evaluate my performance as an Engineering Director, what my day-to-day management responsibilities look like, why I think parental leave is one of the most human-centered and generous employee benefits, how I think about growing ICs that want to explore management, and advice for moving to managing managers from managing ICs.

I wrote about my takeaways from recording this podcast: Management as a Career Calling

Pat published takeaways and talk resources (audio, transcript, links) on the Managing Managers site: Episode 16: Management as a true calling and the three pillars of being a director with Dan Na