Building a System for Front-end Translations

Building a System for Front-End Translations on

I joined Squarespace in October 2017 as a senior software engineer on the Interface Architecture team, which is the team that oversees Squarespace’s frontend infrastructure. When I joined the team they were in the middle of a multi-year effort to internationalize Squarespace’s huge frontend codebase. This was no simple task; there were over 480,000 lines of code across 7,000 .js/.jsx files, many of which hadn’t been modified in years.

As a new hire I was fortunate to be able to hit the ground running and contribute to the internationalization initiative immediately. Eventually I spearheaded the re-architecture of the system responsible for translation extraction and transport into a more reliable system we dubbed the “Unified Translation Workflow.”

All in all creating the frontend translation build system was a really fun and rewarding project, full of the types of challenges and lessons that make me love engineering. I wrote a blog post for the Squarespace engineering blog sharing some of our lessons learned about both internationalization and systems design.


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