Muffins and Tech Companies

People seem to be afraid of money. People seem to be afraid of making it, or taking it, or asking for it. I don’t understand that.

I mean, if you walked into a bakery and they didn’t sell anything and they just gave away free muffins? And they said, “Well, eventually we’re going to get hundreds of people a day walking into our bakery to get free muffins, and we’ll probably do this for a few years, and eventually we’ll just start selling muffins.” I mean, that’d be ridiculous. People would look at that and go, “that’s a stupid idea.”

You could give away some muffin samples. Break a muffin into fifty little small pieces and let people have that, and maybe sell them one today. That makes sense. And that’s how people would look at something like a bakery. Why aren’t people looking at software companies and tech companies the same way?

(Jason Fried, from The Pipeline, Episode 3)

Awesome off-the-cuff comment that made me laugh on the drive down to a career fair at UVA today.

The Pipeline is probably one of the better tech podcasts around. Dan Benjamin is a great interviewer.